Top 5 Dating Sites in Australia

Dating in Australia has never been easier, all thanks to the development of online dating sites! Dating sites make it possible to find matches, locally or otherwise, with just a few clicks of a button—though many modern dating websites come with a ton of features that make the idea of spending hours finding and talking with matches amazingly fun. Not all Australian dating sites are equal, but we’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best. Let’s take a look at the 5 best dating sites in Australia out there today!


Of all the available dating sites in Australia, eHarmony is the best known, with a target audience of mature people. However, there is no age limit, yet offers an over 25 category.

eHarmony was established in 2007 and has ever since constantly improved its service, giving clients what they wanted and what they were looking for. The matching system is sophisticated with an in-depth personality survey trying to suggest only highly corresponding profiles. Therefore, creating a profile may take a little bit longer than with other dating sites. The questionnaire does not include a personality test but is arranged in a way, to get an as rounded as possible image of who you are. This includes for example questions like what your favourite colour or animal is.


  • You can browse incognito – meaning, if you view a profile, the other person does not notice it.
  • Excellent and free email service.
  • High accuracy of genuine profiles.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • You can only browse between the from eHarmony suggested profiles.
  • The eHarmony free service lets you see profiles but at no time any pictures.


EliteSingles is an Australian dating website, which was created for singles matching the age group of 35 – 50. The idea behind the age bracket was, to create a dating site, that is not just to meet people but to create memories and relationships. The site owner assumed, the age bracket would attract rather serious singles, who are ready to find new and lasting love. Having said this, EliteSingles says about itself, that most of its member have finished tertiary education.

To ensure that EliteSingles truly can connect you with the right person, you must go through lengthy questionary. According to some members, way too long; while other members consider this a true and thorough procedure. The questionary rests on a 240-point personality test, which was designed with the help of the in-house psychologist.


  • EliteSingles suggests 3 – 7 matches, each with its own rating, with 100 % being the best match.
  • This dating website offers its members a great range of filters so that you can find the one for you.

Can EliteSingles improve?

  • Some members are not happy with the lengthy questionary as well as with its matching accuracy.
  • This way of matching people say, shows only who you are compatible with, yet, overlooking who you are attracted to.


Match Australia is one of the oldest dating sites in Australia. Online dating started in America already in 2005, Australia took its time with the online dating and started in 2015. was there from the very beginning. This makes a true pioneer in the online dating section. Today covers worldwide 24 counties and is regarded as the most popular dating site. The profile set up is thorough but not quite that in depth. Allow for about 20 minutes to represent yourself appealingly. Like with most other dating sites, if you are not a member, you can view profiles but won’t be able to reply.


  • is confident that with its dating site you will find love for life within six months. Should that for some reason not work out for you, will give you another six months of dating all free of charges.
  • “Date Spark” – a special feature where you can suggest, search or respond to a cool date.

Can EliteSingles improve?

  • No visitor feature. If you want to check out some profiles, you must sign up first.
  • To describe yourself to others and what you are looking for, you are given only 4000 characters. Maybe the motto applies: Less is more!



Zoosk belongs to the older dating sites, which are worldwide available. Since this dating site went live soon after online dating became the new way of dating it had not only to change, it grew with its audience. Zoosk claims to have 30 million users worldwide. Alone in Australia, every year, 25.000 singles sign up for this dating site. The average age of Zoosk users is between 25 and 27 years of age.

Worth mentioning is that Zoosk initially was designed to be a Facebook app; a place for Facebook singles to meet. Needless to say, that makes Zoosk a dating app for younger people and millennials.


  • Creating your profile does not take long.
  • Zoosk gives its users quite a few free features. For example, after signing up, you can use the Singles Carousel, search and view profiles; for contacting someone, you must be a member though.

Where does Zoosk need a little help?

If you skim through user reviews, you will quickly note, that the reviews are somewhat polarised. While you have the very good ones, there are many reviews which awarded Zoosk with only one star. The main complaint of those people is that the person they met lied about their marital status or were fake profiles.


aussie cupid

Aussie Cupid is a dating site, which was developed from Australians for Australians. While you can find the best of what Australian singles has to offer, this site is not just for singles. It was designed to help Australians to mingle and meet others as friends, pen pals, travel companions, sports and of course for lasting friendships just as well. Aussie Cupid gives you all the right filters so that you can narrow your search to find what you want.

The best of Aussie Cupid

  • Great communication tools such as inbox, email or instant chat.
  • Ads are removed as soon as you have signed up.
  • Great matchmaking features.
  • Advanced matchmaking algorithms for Platinum users
  • Quick and easy profile set up
  • You can find any type of relationship or interactions with others.

Where could Aussie Cupid improve

  • Quite regularly Aussie Cupid returns profiles from Asian countries, while its claim is, Aussies for Aussies.
  • Some people would like an additional personality test.