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Вating Rules to Follow if You Want to Stop Being Single

Dating Rules to Follow if You Want to Stop Being Single

Healthy relationships don’t just happen. You can feel the chemistry at first sight, but many relationships started as something amazing and ended soon because these rules were broken. Don’t let that happen to you once you start a relationship because you’ll be single again before you know it. Now, let’s see what the most important dating rules are.

Be Honest

Without honesty, relationships can’t grow. You can pretend that you’re somebody else, but that drains energy. Sooner than you think, you’ll be tired of pretending, and you’ll have to choose between ruining your mental health or breaking up with your partner. That’s why experts advise being honest in every aspect of the relationship. Don’t lie about your income, your looks (if you’re using dating sites), your religion, or whatever.

Nothing good can come up from that. Yes, you can lure somebody to bed with lies, but if you’re looking for a healthy relationship, that’s not the way to do it. Dishonesty will hurt at least one of you, so avoid it at every cost.

Don’t Cheat

Don’t Cheat

This is one of the most important dating rules, if not the most important. You have to be ready to commit yourself to one person if you want to have a healthy relationship. Sometimes that can be very hard because we’re all humans, but the reward for being faithful is much greater than anything cheating can bring you.

Yes, you’ll surely meet people who’ll offer themselves to you, but don’t be weak. One night is nothing compared to life next to the person who loves and respects you. And if you want to make sex in your relationship better - check out the next rule.

Discuss Your Problems

Without communication, your relationship is doomed, and you’ll go through a lot of stress. Don’t keep your problems for yourself, be vocal about them. If you don’t speak about things that bother you, you have a 0% chance to fix them. That applies to sex too. A lot of couples break up because they don’t talk about sex. Speak freely about your likes and dislikes, and we guarantee you that your relationship and sex life will be better than ever.

Be Ready for Compromise

Be Ready for Compromise

Communication is the mother of a healthy relationship, but compromise is the father. You can’t expect to get what you want every time. You have to respect your partner's needs and find a neutral ground where both of you will be happy. For example, if your partner is crazy about sports, watch a game with them from time to time and let them enjoy their thing while it’s on. That will make them realize how awesome you are, and they’ll go hiking with you or whatever you like to do.

Be Spontaneous (at Least Sometimes)

Boredom kills relationships. We know how easy it is to get used to a certain schedule, and there is nothing wrong with that. Schedules make us productive, but schedules make us boring too. Being spontaneous all the time is a sign of immaturity, but never being spontaneous is a sign that you’re a boring person and nobody wants to date a boring person. Surprise your partner with a romantic night out from time to time. Take them on a short trip. Use anything you can think of to spice up your relationship and make it less vanilla.

Don’t Be Needy

Don’t Be Needy

Numerous relationships died because one of the partners was too needy. Most dating rules on this list tell you what to do - this one is warning you about the one thing you should never do. Don’t expect your partner will put you on a pedestal and fly around you like a moth around a street light. That can work for some time, but sooner than later, you’ll be single again because of your neediness. Work on that, and you’ll have a lot more luck in love than before.

Be Thoughtful

Be Thoughtful

This is so basic that it shouldn’t even be among dating rules, but many people forget to be thoughtful in a relationship. Being thoughtful means (just a couple of examples):

  • showing affection
  • buying little gifts
  • holding hands in public

Do all those tiny things that let your partner know how much you care about them.

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