eHarmony Australia Review 2020

eharmony Australia is a dating site based in Australia and is responsible for more than 11000 marriages and relationships since its establishment in 2007. Their site is made up of a strong matching system that uses a personality test so that its users can meet singles that are most compatible with them. The site provides matches to users based upon their personality and their requirements along with other relevant factors. Like most serious dating sites, eharmony also does not allow its users to search for potential partners; instead, it provides them with matches itself. The matches provided by the site are based on calculations of your personality and provides you with what you actually need. Eharmony is known to be a revolutionary dating site that has changed lives all over Australia. This dating site is meant for singles that want to experience true, serious relationships.

Chance of Getting a Date 5 star
Profiles & Matching 5 star
Layout and Usability 5 star
Active Users 5 star
Messaging System 4.5 star
App 5 star
Help and Support 5 star

Sign up process

As eharmony is a serious dating site and is meant for people who are looking for trey relationships, its sign up is slightly different from other dating sites. The sign up is a long lengthy process that requires filling a detailed questionnaire that covers your characteristics, values, skills etc. along with questions based upon the scientific 29 dimensions of compatibility. Questions can vary from how you think your friends describe you to questions about your match. As the sign up is a lengthy process, you don’t have to finish it one go, you can easily log out and complete the rest the next time you log in. Even though the sign up is a long process, the questions are pretty simple and are a lot of fun.


The biggest feature that eharmony differentiates itself from other dating sites is its compatibility test. Where other sites match singles based upon their interests, eharmony matches compatibility of values and nature. If you love the same type of music doesn’t mean that you will make a good couple. Eharmony focuses on knowing the nature and personality of its users. As humans don’t really know what they need, this dating site learns about what you need instead of what you want.

Eharmony has a whole section where it gives relationship advice along with dating tips. A lot of people find relevant information here that can really change their dating game. It’s dedicated to people who want to learn more and want to step up their relationship to another level.

Another feature that eharmony offers, is access to the informative book of you. Once you have signed up, the dating site gives access to this book to all of its users. This revealing book enlightens people about what they want and reveals more about the person. It also contains insight into your past dating life.

One of the best features available on this dating site of Australia is that it has a secured call option. A secured call option allows the users to talk to any match on call without disclosing their cell numbers. This is a great feature for those who do not want to risk revealing their phone numbers to scammers.

Pros and Cons

The signup process is slightly longer than other dating sites but this also ensures a high probability of compatibility with the matches given. As the dating site is meant for singles looking for a long-term relationship, chances of meeting scammers are pretty low. The lengthy questionnaire also emits the probability of people who won’t be looking for a serious relationship; someone who is not serious would never take out the time to fill such a long questionnaire. Even though the sign up is a long process, the questions are pretty simple and a lot of fun.

Ease of Use

The interface of this dating site is pretty simple and easy to use. The questions are constructed in a way that makes the user feel like it is fun. As eharmony ensures that you get messages only from your matches, you can be sure that your inbox won’t be flooded with spam. Moreover, every action that you do is updated on your site. You won’t even have to worry about completing the sign-up process in one go. The system automatically updates every time you log in and out. Moreover, You can easily edit or add information about yourself. After signing up the system will send your compatible matches and you can easily view their profiles and get in touch with them.


One of the best parts about eharmony is that not many scammers are attracted by it. The reason is simple. Because of its time consuming, lengthy personality quiz. This removes the probability of scammers in your inbox and increases the chances of matches being your ideal partners. Moreover, you can be sure that your inbox will never be flooded with spam. The dating site only allows matches to send messages to and as there is no search tab, no one can send messages to anyone besides their match.

Eharmony has a secure call function tab that allows you to talk to matches without revealing your number. With this, you can easily hide your number and talk to matches.

Eharmony cares a lot about their user’s safety so every profile is reviewed. Whenever a new member becomes a user, eharmony ensures to review his profile and find match users. Moreover, eharmony also shares a few guidelines like never send money to members, meet users in a public place etc. these are all shared for their user’s precaution and safety.

Subscription Prices 2018

Duration Price per Month Total
12 Months 25.95 AUD 311.40 AUD
6 Months 45.95 AUD 275.70 AUD
3 Months 59.95 AUD 179.85 AUD

Editor’s Verdict:

Eharmony is a site for people who are looking for long-term relationships. Many people do get put off because of their lengthy and detailed questionnaire but the results are worth it. You get matches that with users with which compatibility rates are very high. A lot of people in Australia have a had a very good and quick experience with this dating site. many people claim that they found partners in a very short period of time. well, if you live in Australia and happen to be single, then eharmony is the site to go for if you are looking for a true relationship.

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