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"If you are interested in a question about the best dating sites in Australia, then we can answer you. We ran enough tests and registrations on dating sites and saw a lot of interesting patterns.Many sites differ in functionality, and some are not worth the money they cost.Read our reviews and choose the dating site that suits your needs fully."

Lesbian Dating Sites Australia

Back in the day, dating as a person belonging to the LGBTQ spectrum was a challenge, but with the increasing acceptance from people and the development of gay and lesbian dating sites, things have gotten much more straightforward.

However, not every dating site is a typical thing. One should know what makes a dating site stand out and how you can best utilize the tools provided by these sites. It would be handy to enhance or make the most of your lesbian dating experience. In this review, we’ll be talking about:

  • Which lesbian dating sites should you choose and why
  • What should and shouldn’t be done on first dates?
  • How each lesbian dating site differs from the other?

Do Dating Sites Work for Lesbian Singles?

A person can never know whether a dating site will favor their dating experience. However, most dating sites provide a satisfaction guarantee. This means you are promised a dating experience you wouldn’t find elsewhere, and the staff is so sure about it, you’ll be compensated in case of a failure to find a partner. In reality, compared to other forms of dating, lesbian dating sites undoubtedly work best for lesbian singles. The uncertainty involved with using different dating methods to find a partner clearly shows that lesbian dating sites are a better and superior option.

However, there are certain things to keep in mind to actually make the site work for you. You should be very clear of what you’re in search of on the site before jumping into it, which will save you a lot of time, and you’ll thank us later.

Lesbiedates logo

Lesbiedates is an online lesbian dating platform that claims to provide single lesbians the possibility of finding true love. Lesbiedates has over 0.5 million accounts registered on the site, and it’s all about women wanting to date other women.

Some of the free features available for users to avail consist of:

  • Send winks to show your interest.
  • Add people to your friend list.
  • The advanced search feature lets you filter your profile choice according to your preferences.

Pricing for premium subscription at the site:

Three days
One month
Three months
Six months
Cupid logo

Cupid isn’t necessarily a lesbian site; however, it’s open to all. The site has over 3 million users registered from all over the world. All in all, the gender ratio does favor lesbians, as most profiles belong to women (65%).

Non-paying members can discover these features without paying for them:

  • Free chatroom that you can join to begin conversations and hunt for your partner.
  • Take a Quiz to increase your matches according to your preference.
  • Advanced search filter that lets you narrow down the profiles.

There are several premium plans you may opt for at the site, including:

23.99 USD
62.37 USD
95.94 USD
Flirt logo

Flirt is an online dating platform designed to help people meet a long-term partner. In the past, this site was loved by females (by lesbian ones too!) for many exclusive features it provided them with. Since the redesign, Flirt has got a more balanced gender ratio

This lesbian dating site has over 1.5 million members registered on the platform, and 60% of accounts belong to female users. Some of the free services that Flirt provides are:

  • Send ‘winks’ to profiles that have caught your attention.
  • Add users to your favorites list if you like them.
  • Ability to send five free messages without paying.

To enhance the lesbian dating experience, Flirt provides several premium subscriptions, including:

3-days trial
Elitesingles logo

If you’re looking for an educated and sophisticated partner, then EliteSingles boasts as the best option. It is, once again, not a niche lesbian dating site, yet it provides a pool of educated people seeking to find a long-term partner. Elitesingles has over 5 million users present worldwide. 50% of accounts belong to females, and 50% belong to males.

The free features most members use on EliteSingles are:

  • Free mobile app for all users.
  • Send ‘smiles’ to other lesbian members to show your interest.
  • Take a free personality test to get better match results.

EliteSingles premium plans are slightly expensive compared to other services, but the upgrade they provide isn’t that major. You may opt for the following to enhance your experience:

Light plan: 3-months
Classic plan: 6-months
Comfort plan: 12-months
Weareher logo

WeAreHer, also known as HER, is a dating platform created specifically for women. This lesbian dating site is very popular and has over 5 million users registered. HER is also accepting bisexual and queer individuals.

The platform has several features open for non-paying users to take advantage of. Some of these include:

  • See which profiles “liked” you
  • Send a friend request to lesbian members you’d like to add
  • Unlimited free messaging with friends and mutual matches

Although one can have a good enough experience using the free account, it can still be upgraded to premium through these packages:

14.99 USD
59.99 USD
89.99 USD

How Do Lesbian Dating Sites Work

Lesbian dating websites work the same way the conventional platforms present online do. All you need to begin your journey is to fill your profile with the following information:

  • Age
  • Name
  • Location
  • An eye-catching profile picture

However, just adding this information isn’t going to guarantee love ties. You’ll need to put in the effort to grab people’s attention. The first and easiest way of doing this is to add an eye-catching display picture.

Your profile picture is the first and more prominent feature of your profile that users can see, let it tell a story or show your personality. Most of these platforms allow you to upload additional images. Make sure to use this opportunity wisely, as even a single odd picture can decrease your chance of finding a lesbian partner.

Who Uses Lesbian Dating Sites

There are a variety of people who use lesbian dating sites and their services. Surely, the largest community amongst them are lesbians themselves. For obvious reasons, you’ll find ladies interested in other women on almost any platform, but there are exclusive “lesbian-only” platforms, albeit rarely.

Secondly, there are women in the phase of experimenting. These gals have not necessarily labeled themselves as those belonging to the lesbian community (maybe not yet) but are curious about their sexual identity. Lastly, there are people there to experience what it’s like to be intimate with a person of the same sex. Usually, they are bisexual. These individuals don’t stay long as an encounter or two is enough to burn out the curiosity.

Type of Lesbians You Meet on Dating Sites

These days, nobody is a fan of having labels put on them. Still, everyone follows certain traits that can group them under a specific category, having the same appearance or the views. Some of these categories within the lesbian community are:

Lesbian activists: are those lesbians who are also feminists. They have a deep desire for peace and equality; you’ll spot them at numerous rallies and parades campaigning for civil rights and justice’. It’s not possible to categorize them as butch or femme; they come from both backgrounds.

Bois and butches: These are women who have a masculine appearance. They dress like men and keep hairdos resembling those of men. Some people think that they are in the transitional phase of coming out as transgender. Ladies with ultra-masculine appearance, some manlier than men themselves, are called butches.

Baby dykes: If you’ve recently embraced your identity, then you’ll be termed as “baby dyke”. The label of baby dyke is used for females who were once considered straight until recently.

Lipstick lesbians: These women dress up all girly and love everything a straight female would, except for their interest in men. They blend very easily with other straight females since there isn’t and defining difference between the two except their sexual identity.

Do’s and Don’ts in Lesbian Dating

It’s better to have someone guide you when stepping out to find love because it isn’t always a smooth right. What do you say, how much do you say, and how do you say things will have detrimental effects on the relationship’s outcome? Hence, we’ve compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts to kick start your journey.


Dress up your profile; there is no shame in adding a lot to your profile. It will grab more attention if you provide exciting content to view.

Give flowers at the first meeting. Who doesn’t love a lovely bouquet of roses or lilies? It’s sure to leave a good impression on your lesbian partner.

Be open-minded and always have a conversation about everything when in a relationship. It’s never good to hold back and burst due to piled up frustration.


Don’t go overboard with how much you decide to put out. Leave room for mysteriousness. A profile is an overview of your personality, not an autobiography.

Never, under any circumstances, talk about your previous relationship. Nobody wants to feel like they are a replacement or being compared to an ex-lover.

Never force your partner to do things that they don’t want to. Some lesbians aren’t out of the closet yet; forcing them to introduce themselves to your friend circle is a big no.

Lesbian Dating Rules

These rules apply in general to all realms of dating, online and offline, at the site or at the bar – they shouldn’t be isolated. Even straight men and women can take advantage of them.

Forcing your partner into physical intimacy is a big no. Never make your partners uncomfortable by pushing them to do things they aren’t ready to do.

Avoid reminiscing about your past relationship. It ended for a reason and isn’t a life lesson you need to apply to the next partner or compare your experience. It makes the other person believe you haven’t moved on from your past.

Be very cautious regarding who you reveal your information to and how early in a timeline of your interaction it’s done. Not every person on each website is a lesbian female interested in dating other females, so only share personal staff with someone after you learned to trust them.

Join any site on the list and make your dating experience unforgettable!

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