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3 Ways to Kiss a Girl and Turn Her On

So, are you thinking of having a hot, passionate make-out session with your girl? Do you want to make her melt in your arms with some mighty fine kissing? Knowing how to kiss a girl in a way that arouses her to the point she wants you with hunger and urgency is a great way to make your dating relationship glow.

Think of it; if you master the following 3 ways to kiss a girl, time will melt, and passion flare. The more you kiss – lips locked, tongues entwined, and bodies wrapped in rupture – the more turned on you both get. It, therefore, rewards you for kissing your dating girl in ways that would send her to a sexual frenzy. Kisses make you emotionally closer, whether your relationship has edged time or is still new.

What can you do to ensure every kiss is perfect? Before we share the 3 ways to kiss your girl and turn her on, here are simple guidelines and tips to have erotically charged kissing sessions.

  • Always make sure to freshen up. Brush your teeth or visit your dental hygienist if you're planning to meet your girl later.
  • Limit eating foods that give bad breaths like onions and garlic.
  • Shave your face to make it appealingly smooth. You could even rub olive oil onto your face after shaving to soften your skin. Taking to shaving depends on your girl's tastes. Some women love beads and hairy faces.
  • Before you venture out to kiss the beautiful girl you met on one of your favorite local dating sites, always be sure of your timing and that the place feels comfortable.

Initiating the Kiss

One of the best ways to build a comfortable kissing moment while dating, especially if you're doing it for the first time, is to test the waters if she's ready for it. Apart from wrapping your arms around her or holding her hand, you can choose any other move depending on how confident you feel. Even speak out your feelings by asking if you can kiss her works better.

With her consent or positively suggestive gestures that welcome the kiss, you need to come out as emotionally invested in the kiss. Remember, we kiss with our lips and not teeth. Keep your facial muscles relaxed and your lips flexible as if the kiss will melt them out. Your dating girl doesn't want to kiss stiff, hard lips.

While leaning in for the kiss, pay attention to how your woman is tilting her head. Angle your head in the reverse direction so that you don't squish into her nose as you kiss her. Remember to lean in with your whole body so that you don't seem scared of her or not totally into the kiss.

Locking Lips

An emotionally invested kiss requires you to surrender to the moment. Show that you're comfortable kissing her and enjoying the moment by closing your eyes while kissing her. Close your eyes just as you're about to make contact with her lips.

Without pushing her or shoving your nose into her face, press your lips into her lips and hold it there for 2-4 seconds. Move back with your lips still on hers to let her adjust her position (if necessary) and catch some breath. Don't go shoving your tongue down her throat.

It's also important to pull her closer as you kiss. Lean into your dating girl as you move your hands around her back to get hold of her.

Release your lips for a second and lean back a little as you read her body language before you kiss her again. Don't pressure her to continue kissing if she's done with it. If she's still into it, alternate the side that your head is on and switch the angle you're kissing her from.

Try New Kissing Techniques

Kissing is not fixed on the locking of lips only. There are many ways and spots you can kiss your dating girl and let her feel the urgency of making out with you.

After kissing her lips a few times, you could try any of the following different styles you both feel comfortable with.

  • Give her a quick peck on the cheek if locking lips seem too much at the moment. Show your dating girl some affection by leaning into her cheek and giving her a quick kiss.
  • If you can lift her off the ground, wrap your arms around her waist and lift her with your lips locked against hers. You could bite her lip gently to add some passion. This romantic gesture will show her how much you're attracted to her.
  • With both your consents and after growing comfortable with each other, try French Kissing. You could start by running the tip of your tongue a few times over her lower lip. In case she opens her mouth a bit more, it means she's interested. Introduce your tongue slowly into her mouth, and once your tongues touch, move yours slowly around her mouth. Take breaks if necessary as it is hard to breathe when mouths are locked.
  • Kiss your dating girl on the neck, forehead, nose, or somewhere more playful. As you do this, keep hugging her more tightly, so you're close together.

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